About Us

Eko-metal d.o.o. is established on 10th May 2004 by entrepreneurs  from Slovenia who have great experience in waste management. Head office of the company is registered in Vrdnik, only 16 km far from the high-way Belgrade-Zagreb, or 25 km from Novi Sad and 75 km from Belgrade.

The Eko-metal plant is divided in two locations  in Vrdnik:

  • For the hazardous waste the unit in Grobljanska street No. 2 is used. It consists of the production workshop  of 750 m2 and about 200 m2 supporting structures, built on the plot of 3.600 m2
  • Treatment of non-hazardous waste and administrative department  is located in Industrijska street bb, in the production workshop  of 2.800 m2, with supporting structures of 1.200 m2 on the plot of 47.300 m2. It enables further development of the company’s activities.

Eko-metal d.o.o. is small/mid size  company with 28 employees of  various qualification degree. Among them there are two technology engineers, one of them is in chare for the waste material management,  the other for the export notification.

Main activity of th e company is recycling  and treatment of electronic, electric waste and photo-chemicals waste. By that activity the company is lined-up among the leaders of that branch in Serbia. Recycling capacity of the plant is  about 1000 t of electronic and electric waste per year with the tendency of permanent increase. Monthly recycling capacity at the moment is  100-150 t  with possibility to increase the capacity, but it depends on the waste generators and on awareness raising of the society.

Eko-metal d.o.o has been dealing with collection and transportation of waste  with its own vehicles / motor pool. All drivers / vehicles possess ADR certificates  for the transportation of hazardous waste. All production workers are trained to manage hazardous material and possess ADR certificates as well.

Eko-metal d.o.o has the integral permission for the collection and transportation of non-hazardous ad hazardous waste  on the territory of Serbia (No. 10-00-00192/2010-02 of 05.05.2010), as well as the permission for storage, temporary storage and the treatment of non-hazardous ad hazardous waste (No. 119-501-00490/2010-04 of 14.07.2010), both issued by the competent state authorities.

We also have the following certificates: Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Environment Protection Management System ISO 14001:2004.