EKO-METAL d.o.o. STARTED COLLECTING WASTE ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC equipment in the municipality of Bački Petrovac

As part of the "autumn cleaning of electronic and electrical waste" that EKO-METAL d.o.o. implemented this Rolex Replica fall with municipalities in Serbia, the action continues. 11/07/2011. has started collecting electronic and electrical waste in the municipality of Bački Petrovac.

All interested citizens of this municipality and it surrounding villages can bring electronic and electrical waste next to Punta where he organized collection.

All the collected quantity electronic and electrical waste recycling will be handed over to the from recycling center EKO-METAL in Vrdnik.

By submitting electronic and electrical waste in recycling center EKO-METAL Bački Petrovac will fight for a cleaner and healthier environment that surrounds them.

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