RECYCLING means separation of material from the waste and re-use. It includes collection, separation, processing, production of new products from used things or material.

WASTE MATERIALS are materials originate in the process of production, services or other activities, these are discarded things from use, waste material that originate from the consumption which may be used as secondary raw material in the production or half-finished products, either directly or upon certain treatment or processing.

WASTE include materials that originate  in the process of living, production process or other process, but which are discarded from use.

Waste is divided in:

  • Those that my have usability (either by direct finishing or by processing) as raw material in the same or other production process
  • Those that  have no usability any more, i.e. can not be re-used.

CLASSIFICATION - SORTING  of waste  may be primary or secondary.

  • Primary classification – on the location of the origin (in the house, yard, office, factory, street, etc…). Each individual shall contribute to obtain clearer and more qualitative  used material for further use and smaller quantity of material which can not be used any more.
  • Secondary classification is separation of material from the total waste of mixed materials, which is of bad quality, but can be used. Processing of such material is difficult, less material is obtained after processing than by the primary classification.

SECONDARY RAW MATERIAL are waste  that can be used directly or by finishing, i.e. processing (recycling).

GARBAGE is waste which can not be used as secondary raw material, directly or  recycled. This is also waste that originate upon separation  from the secondary  raw material, i.e. waste upon finishing or processing of waste material into secondary raw material. Garbage is treated according to special regulations.

There are four basic aims:

  • To minimize  waste
  • To maximize recycled waste which is safe for environment and re-use
  • To improve  waste storage system, which is safe for environment
  • To expand services for waste treatment